Saturday, July 28, 2007

From Walter Wart to Terrorist Donuts !

I thought I'd finally get back to you...yes, it's been 41 years and I'm fine, how are you?
Wanna buy a DVD? ...actually, test drive a DVD !?
You remember when I made novelty discs like Walter Wart the freaky Frog? back in 1966
Now I do Bizarre animations that have much the same weird and wack flavor of my early,don't expect smooth professional animation...expect chaotic and hopefully fun experimental art ( I put the "Mental" in Experimental)

here is a sample !

And in even a more commercial vein here is the "trailer"

So, now my FABULOUS Business plan (What Genius this is) you determine that you are weird enough to stand the entire Thorndike experience...then send the man who claims to be me... email with YOUR correct MAILING address, like Joe Blough 2323 Nottathru Street, Sillytown USA --and I will mail you the Homemade masterpiece that is
"A terrorist Donut in your Fruit of the loom"---then when you watch it and like it....YOU send ME $15.00 (12 for the dvd 3 for postage) Sorry we dont have the PAL format--IF you don't like it--I'm out 15.00 bux, cuz no way will you pay for sumpin you dont like...of course if you give it to someone who DOES like it ..have HIM send me $12 bucks (9 for a USED dvd and 3 for postage) remember, if this sucker ever 'takes off' you'll have the original version...worth bunches on Ebay

As a special bonus !!! If you send your address today (and your intent to pay IF ya like it)
I'll promise NOT to send THIS one to you !! --yes,don't delay and you'll never have to see this one !!

More cartoons and Thorndike a few days !

All Hail !! Thorndick Pickledike !

While you're at it...HAIL Dr ZinGRR Too ! click this