Saturday, March 28, 2009


Komodo Dragon

Two Komodo Dragons were accused of killing a man was not drug or gang related...the Dragons were waiting for the fellow to fall off the tree he was picking fruit might have been justified..

who knows if it wasn't their fruit..
their tree??

And with a name like Komodo..don't you think the defense lawyer will be quick to point out the Dragons being bullied in school with things like....

"Hey Dragons--go back to your Commode"

Meanwhile...a Kimono Dragon might be an iffy partner in a dollar a dance might be hard to slip away without being ...dare I say...."frenched"
Kimono Dragon

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Me such BAD man !

This is a rant about the GYM today....Psychiatric help anyone ??

When I started this BLOG it was going to be just an occasional humorous bit of artwork or animation...and my "Bench Bozo" was going to be JUST my Bench Press training--and never the twain shall meet....well, today some merging has taken place and gym stuff (irrational mumbling) has become today's Thorndike Pickledish talking bloggeroo---relapse and enjoy... 2 minutes of me ruminating over the rant that IS the masked gym whistler....

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Anatomy of a Brain Amateurism !

I did this in the free Program "Project Dogwaffle" used the mouse to draw it.

Then I took the ONE panel and stretched it in the old "MOHO" program --MOHO is now improved and called "Anime Underwear" or some name with the word "Anime" in it....
I made 58 frames--repeated them-to 232 at 8 frames a second--I ad libbed a voice track to it and here is 29 seconds of silly thinking out loud..

It's a fun way to blog --when you don't type out your thoughts for the day..but instead do a 'talking letter' to expose the workings of your 35 cent computer and it's inner drawing board....

I like this one today--but tomorrow --or maybe later tonite --I'll probably be embarrassed and want to send it to the messy art grave yard.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Lost Isle - FOUND?

click to see all the touch ups---I mean Larger size image..

'Typos' a Greek isle, written about in depth, by Hunton Pecker, in his novel,
"Smith VS Corona...the
yellow beer chronicles"