Sunday, February 15, 2009

Brain Amateurism #2

Your password is ---Weather Balloons--when the 48 second animation say....Weather Balloons !!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Today's Brain 'Amateurism' !!

Spose' since this Rhymes--it could be me as Rapper "Try-T Why-T"
(trite-ee whitey) I gets better as it goes--and it is just today's 50 second wig bubble !

drawn in Dogwaffle.
And the 'soft' previously know as Moho
--and ZBrush
with edits in "Painter"
voice in cool edit pro
(now called Adobe Audition)

Sunday, February 8, 2009

And Then I drew....

Herr Nicholaus 'Ned' Nasenbar --down on hard luck
because of low funding at the Zoo...
Sat on street corners saying 'Putt- putt -putt'
over and over hoping to be hired as an adult toy !! !
Here Is "YODEL" spelled Yodel..and pronounced YO-DELL...
who is from the forthcoming "Star Wars the Cow Pie Menace"
..Yodel is found in an Oklahoma Trailer Park....
when Luke asks how to use a pitchfork..
Yodel says I reckon ya ..'Thrust the Fork loose !!!'
( Trust the force Luke ...get it??) ------

Ms. Muir was definitely a different person on or about every 18th of the month

Thorndike... CLEAN the Damn Water !!
do You hear me..

drawn using ZBrush--Dogwaffle and/or Amorphium- pics 1-3-and 4 are animated--if not moving wait for it

Monday, February 2, 2009

What Me Tube???

My pal Zaitsoff sent me some You Tube addresses...and they turned out to be my ancient 45's that a comedy fan had put up--

He went to the trouble of putting up some interesting frog animation/slide show videos while the bits first I wasn't ready to have Lonely Bullfrog or 'Wart' now my love --on the TUBE--but when I found SF Bound --Paranoia and The imperial Grandmother up--I was pretty happy...even Happier when I saw the other artists he put on his site---follow the URL's to ToyBoyTwo's channel--
lotsa Python and Sid Caesar --and some comic gems....hah...if only someone had the guts to put up Viet Nama Mama---wait --no, that one scares everyone's like I was imitating Yoko before she ever put a record out...hah---

anyway--thanks--and All Hail '
ToyBoyTwo' !