Thursday, September 20, 2007

The art of table scraps !!

Here are some pictures that I've drawn...and a voice track to keep them company..I do it because other bloggers don't go away for so long, without at least a written note from the head nurse or here I am --just to show I care--in Mumblophonic sound and GruesomeScope

not for kids-
artwork done by me in ZBrush + Amorphium &
Ulead Cool 3D

I'll come back with more drivel-tastic soon as I start having 'those
dreams' again !

Meanwhile, I'd like you to bask in the Brilliance of my Friend EAC in his new artistic blog called Burbank's Tomato
please have a team of artists, scientists, scholars and philosophers handy when reading and watching ! Seize you all soon !
Dickdike Picklethorn