Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Year End Wrap Up !!

44 Seconds to Wrap Up the Year???---Aww damn. did we sell 59 minutes of Commercials again???

Hand sculpted with a mouse (not a tablet) using Amorphium 2
and one section in ZBrush (bridge part) Voiced on a 1992 copy of Cool Edit Pro
other softs to put it together on a caveman computer...Ulead Gif animator--Antechinus Animator and a Boilsoft avi-mpeg converter....budget....
33 cents....less than a penny a second and worth every...portion of a dollar of it.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Hickeys Everywhere !

That name...that slightly..kinda funny last name..."HICKEY" ...there is that famous character actor...William Hickey...
There is Cheryl Hickey the host for one of the entertainment TV shows..
There is the TV character NAME, Earl Hickey, on "My Name is Earl"

But the most famous Hickey of all....ERSEL...no not Edsel....ERSEL HICKEY !!
he was a fine rock (Rockabilly and Pop) singer of the 50's and beyond...what a nice man he was...
and he wrote the great ballad recorded by so many..."Bluebirds over the mountain"
well actually he penned many songs for many artists...Jackie Wilson did one of his songs --and the Serendipity Singers first big hit was written by Ersel
--Don't let de rain come down my roofs got a hole in it and I might drown !---

Anyway, when I was struggling to use Flash to animate...I came up with an idea to try to animate his flip side to Bluebirds..."Hangin Around" it took me 93 hours to do this.. CLICK THIS FOR THE TUNE
might be a long load time 'sorry'

When Ersel's friends saw it online...they foned him and said there is this silly animation on you--on the web....whatta ya know--Ersel emailed me --we talked on the phone at length...he approved highly of my crazyass work and even had someone link a Higher- Fi version of my Flash toon...which I found once happily by accident on the web...

Before he passed on he was nice enough to send me 2 cd's --a vinyl disk--2 autographed pictures and a tee shirt from one of his BIG gigs... and some shots from his own camera of that performance...I still have the autographed picture on my living room wall !

Thanks to Ruthita for emailing me a thread of
DOO WOP-ISHNESS that reminded me of this long lost song and my scribbled tribute to it..
most of the animations I did at CROODLOOPS have been taken down by me or my webmaster...sure glad we still have Ersel to listen to !

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Let me tell ya why this is NOT redundant !

In 2006 I put together a DVD disc of Comedy called:

And at the very beginning of the ALL HAIL T.P. Blog in 2007 --I ran the "Trailer"--to save space it was linked to the file sharing site "Zippy Videos" --well, it seems Zippy is NOW long gone...so once again, I'd like to regale you with the true Bafoonaphonic presence of the the original promo..linked RIGHT HERE..never to vanish.

And as before, this earth shattering offer exists..

So, now my FABULOUS Business plan (What Genius this is) you determine that you are weird enough to stand the entire Thorndike experience...then send the man who claims to be me... robotalk@shaw.ca ...an email with YOUR correct MAILING address, like Joe Blough 2323 Nottathru Street, Sillytown USA --and I will mail you the Homemade masterpiece that is
"A terrorist Donut in your Fruit of the loom"---then when you watch it and like it....YOU send ME $15.00 (12 for the dvd 3 for postage) Sorry we dont have the PAL format--

IF you don't like it--I'm out 15.00 bux, cuz no way will you pay for sumpin you dont like

Of course if you give it to someone who DOES like it ..

have HIM send me $12 bucks (9 for a USED dvd and 3 for postage)

remember, if this sucker ever 'takes off' you'll have the original version...worth bunches on Ebay--Don't Laff the Walter Wart 45 is 60 times more valuable on Ebay than it ever was in the stores in the 60's

Saturday, November 29, 2008

I'm 66 or 6+6= 12 my new AGE and lucky number!

These are ANIMATED--if they are 'stills' on your screen--wait a bit --OR--refresh--glug glug glug !

When approaching lovely women, I felt like this...only to find out later...I didn't look...this good.
At 15 I went by the name "Bob"---Bob was always at war with Bob...not much has changed after all these years.
Outer Space twins witness Asteroid bagel !
In High School, Triclops didn't have any dates --so at nite...he would give himself a "Hickey" to make the kids think he had a secret girlfriend.

In my secret identity as 'Phartophosis' alien super creature, may I wish you a bombastic 2009 !!

this work was done by me in ZBrush and Or Amorphium 3--no tablet, I drew with a mouse.....
ouch --damn thing--bit me !

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Drum Roll Maestro please !!

Obama is the NEW President and yet, spell check doesn't recognize his name...yep, we spelled it right, when we notified our friends who don't watch TV

What joy !!

People stayed up all night, dancing in the streets!

In California, the hopeful were joined, sharing the same earring

Now, the question is...can OBAMA find OSAMA and end all the drama...

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Bookworms in my smoke detector !?

Pack ME off to the mental ward !!

Last night I was watching TV...
and my smoke alarm went off !!
-I HADN'T BEEN COOKING for 6 hours---


HELL NO---I knew what it was---

I had heard tell that a woman here in the building had hers go off--
due to silverfish in the ceiling--wiggling thru the sensors of the apparatus....

Sure enough--because of my see thru salad bowl that covers mine --glued in place with toothpaste--don't laugh, it works !
(ingenuity to stop it from going off when I cook anything or fart--even)
I saw a baby 'fish' running in circles along the dish....so I tapped it and tried to stun it--it worked
until 12:47 am

when it happened again--

and again-- in 3 minutes---

When the little shit trips the sensor, it BEEPS only til the vermin runs.. or falls away....

so, I slept with my bedroom door closed---

the little bug has crapped many times in the dish--
little fly flecks...
needless to say--

I'm telling my apt. manager that the ALARM has to be removed--and will have the handy man "Wing" hole it up this week sometime --

Hopefully the little resident will die...
BUT others will follow so there I am !! --

And I wont risk the alarm waking me up on a:
gig --
meet --
or workout day...

I screamed at the bird lady A reasonable number of birds--unlike the incredible sea of feathered freaks that gathered today

---I was going to move the car... when across the street.... THE BIRD LADY had 100.. birds of all nations following her as she blatantly, fed them and pretended she wasn't -- cars driving along nearly had accidents as these flying rats 'Alfred Hitchcocked' them --
I waited for her and screamed my head off at her...uttered profanities (but cleverly NOT threats) she said,

"I'll get you for this"
then as she kneeled talking to her 800 year old dog --I bent down and screamed in her ear--
'stop it YOU IDIOT'
when she stood up-she was next to me..but on the way she elbowed me and said
I countered
"no, you purposely elbowed me to pretend like I touched you"
--she said,
'one more time and I'll call the cops'...

Needless to say, I stifled the vile smut infested sentiments, I had dancing in my brain pan...

NOW --

spraying the interior of her car with pepper spray--

tipping it over in the night--

stealing her rock (she has a small boulder next to
her apartment door)---

and 20 other pranks I've thought of doing to her--
can't happen...

cuz she knows I'm an enemy....

drat ! some days it pays to stay quiet...

blowing my cover in Vancouver--

Pickledike Thornhenge
a tourniquet at Lawn

background data---

EEeUUhh !! Silverfish??= BAD -CHEAP apartment??
--no--it's 1200 a month...and in a better part of town...

...the bugs--sublet ....

Bird Lady IS a menace ...she brings at least 100 to 200 birds a day en masse to one of the busiest streets in Metro Vancouver...she thinks feeding them is a 'kind' thing to do..meanwhile cars traveling 12th ave..nearly collide with these little beggars in flight...she is 2 minutes from a park that she doesn't use...I'm am only ONE of many who are on the " Ban Jenny Birdseed" front.

Friday, August 29, 2008

A ZinGRR Tidbit !

Doctor ZinGRR's character the Masked Doily (Mexican Wrestler spoof)
It's too easy to blow my cover and let my other identity's out....so rather than staying in my Thorndike Pickledish skin all the time, I leave crumbs along the trail to my Bench Bozo headquarters, and even have hinted at my incarnation as Monster Movie host Doctor ZinGRR in the 70's--but recently a friend found an exhaustive file on this Northwest TV icon of the past...with patience you can find the history at the end of this link;
A link to Dr ZinGRR click then scroll to near the bottom
Way down to Z ya know !
This was a very fun time in my life...I liked doing this show more than my radio work, my stand up comedy, novelty records, anything...one untold story....

I still have suitcases of fan letters from this show that are 'gold' to me...among them a letter from a mental institution near Tacoma Washington that told me...that when my show came on...the inmates in the TV room would howl and shriek with laughter as soon as my 'characters' came on...and they caused an uproar like no other TV event in the history of this State hospital...The psychiatric technician who wrote the letter appeared to be on the level when he said I was the FULL MOON to these people...the commotion was such that some docs' wanted the show banned in the rec room--but he said he insisted it would be his responsibility to keep it tame...thinking of this letter makes me feel like it has all been worthwhile...I had found my true audience but yet never knew it til the show was about to leave the air...here's to those patients...my children of the night ...what music they make !

Monday, July 7, 2008

Starship Incontinence

The crew of the Starship Incontinence... 'going' where no man...has.. Oops.. ..

Due to condo board restrictions Ivan was forced to
smuggle his "Pet Tongue" in as a Hairdo

Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Return Of Sinister Lunchmeat !

I created the Name Thorndike Pickledish when a teenager--and recently I found 2 photos of my first paintings at 14 or 15 years old...yep ...my parents let me paint nekked ladies, as long as they were from my imagination, this one was obviously a figment of my imagination--and very handy for reaching for jars on the top shelf...
Why the nostalgic look back at Thorndike?? well recently I've noted that some young kids in California and beyond are adopting (stealing?) the name for their "My Space" pages...I even found some kid in Japan who was calling himself 'TP' for awhile...hell? am I mad? will I sue...nah...it's kinda like a pinch o' flattery...so just as long as people know where all the 'TP' stuff came from....and speaking of that...I've dug out my old 45 that Doctor Demento used to play on syndy radio called Sinister Lunchmeat...altho he preferred to call it "Stony Baloney" --and now I'll put it up for you to listen to...but note...Blogger doesn't seem to have a sound only upload place..so I had to make a 'slide show' of my art --er---toonz to keep you company..so as you listen you do not have to watch the screen--that is just there to keep you company and is NOT attempting to synch up...these are just some of my recent scribbles with mouse and a few programs I'm fond of...and if there are kids in the room (or you are at work) the visuals are about PG or so rated...

This is dated material--1976 was the year I made it...and I guess the Political references are self explanatory, Nixon, Hubert Humphrey

But one that might need explanation..."Apple in the garden of Ray" was NOT about Dixie Lee Ray. Govenor of Washington State at the time, but about Elizabeth Ray, who was the central figure in a much publicized sex scandal in 1976 that ended the career of U.S. Rep. Wayne Hays (D-Ohio).

That's bout all ya need, to now, relapse and enjoy in Bafoonaphonic Mono--my 'pasty resistance' of 70's vinyl !

Sunday, June 1, 2008

'Ray for Rachael !!

The other day I was pondering the fact that my DVD "Terrorist Donut" wasn't selling like...donuts...and I thought, "Hey let me 'Google' it"...to see if anyone is finding the original plug--
And sure enough, there it was, the URL and a few notes on it's content...but the only OTHER thing listed was Rachael Ray's commercial for Dunkin donuts where they likened Ms. Ray’s scarf to the type typically worn by Muslim extremists. complaints said that the ads “casually promote the symbol of terrorism" and the intifada, the keffiyeh, via Rachael--well, hogwash, it was just all a misunderstanding --but Dunkin canceled that ad campaign rather than stir up any iced coffee..er..trouble...

So now, I can say I titled my dopey little video over this timely event!! and watch snails go thru the roof...er..sales...go...

oh well, at least NOW I have a good excuse for that goofy title ! However, I'm not taking any of my DVDs on my trip to Phoenix Friday...My luck, I'd be questioned just for having that WORD present in my luggage--ahh the joy of flight

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

"Mr Rescue Me"

Warning --this is 'normal' in content -
and there is, forgive me... "cuteness"

-56 secs with SOUND--

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Mandork The Magician !

(no sound)

Mandork the Magician
He can steal your cookies with His Mind !!

Mrs. Mandork the Magician --who has been driven MAD
..by having to say TUH DAAH !!
after all of Mandorks tricks !!
--and is now is his arch enemy
The Earth is Round--Save my face
The "Hairess"
Carl Nearkins was so close --yet so far when he recorded
his big 45 "Pink Suede Shoes" --

Monday, February 11, 2008

Friday, January 11, 2008

Please Play with your food !

Here's a new Animation-crafted by my "inner monkey" in an afternoon with Amorphium+Cool Edit Pro
1 min 55 secs ! big file--19 MEGs

Maybe I AM still 13.....?....