Saturday, November 29, 2008

I'm 66 or 6+6= 12 my new AGE and lucky number!

These are ANIMATED--if they are 'stills' on your screen--wait a bit --OR--refresh--glug glug glug !

When approaching lovely women, I felt like this...only to find out later...I didn't look...this good.
At 15 I went by the name "Bob"---Bob was always at war with Bob...not much has changed after all these years.
Outer Space twins witness Asteroid bagel !
In High School, Triclops didn't have any dates --so at nite...he would give himself a "Hickey" to make the kids think he had a secret girlfriend.

In my secret identity as 'Phartophosis' alien super creature, may I wish you a bombastic 2009 !!

this work was done by me in ZBrush and Or Amorphium 3--no tablet, I drew with a mouse.....
ouch --damn thing--bit me !

1 comment:

Eugene Costa said...

A brilliant selection, Maestro.

But you do the addition wrong. You are 56, not 66, and have been 56 for at least ten years.

Three heads beat two any day of the fortnight.

Speaking of Wayne Newton, the Governor of Illinois was arrested at 6:15AM today.