Thursday, December 18, 2008

Let me tell ya why this is NOT redundant !

In 2006 I put together a DVD disc of Comedy called:

And at the very beginning of the ALL HAIL T.P. Blog in 2007 --I ran the "Trailer"--to save space it was linked to the file sharing site "Zippy Videos" --well, it seems Zippy is NOW long once again, I'd like to regale you with the true Bafoonaphonic presence of the the original promo..linked RIGHT HERE..never to vanish.

And as before, this earth shattering offer exists..

So, now my FABULOUS Business plan (What Genius this is) you determine that you are weird enough to stand the entire Thorndike experience...then send the man who claims to be me... email with YOUR correct MAILING address, like Joe Blough 2323 Nottathru Street, Sillytown USA --and I will mail you the Homemade masterpiece that is
"A terrorist Donut in your Fruit of the loom"---then when you watch it and like it....YOU send ME $15.00 (12 for the dvd 3 for postage) Sorry we dont have the PAL format--

IF you don't like it--I'm out 15.00 bux, cuz no way will you pay for sumpin you dont like

Of course if you give it to someone who DOES like it ..

have HIM send me $12 bucks (9 for a USED dvd and 3 for postage)

remember, if this sucker ever 'takes off' you'll have the original version...worth bunches on Ebay--Don't Laff the Walter Wart 45 is 60 times more valuable on Ebay than it ever was in the stores in the 60's


Eugene Costa said...


And it is indeed a collector's item and will be a museum piece one day, marking the early days of a completely new medium and the completely original art of one of the first great practitioners.

Meanwhile, Monsieur and I are going international on computer "TV", aren't we, Monsieur?

Oh, I forgot to tell you that, Monsieur, oh.

If we live that long, naturally. But we are both fifty-five and have many good years left.

The program is called, "The Impossible Chiropractor", and it is a bit like those two Boston auto guys, except it is more like Marcel Duchamp meets Berkeley underground.

Lots of chess and naked broads.

In fact, that is one skit-- Monsieur Robeau lifts five naked broads while I adjust their coiffures.

From a step ladder.

The Monsieur pumps up and down, and I follow in synch, bending at the knees, with the five coiffures.

It's call the new performance art.

And you can download a new episode every morning on your I-phone.

Betcha you don't know any other fifty-five year olds who can pump five naked broads and do coiffure squats on a stepladder.

Anyway, BUY THIS CD!

Thorndike Pickledish said...

Good Gawd all midey !! That is Hilarious...and thank you for taking the 11 years off my real age...

I am working on the 5 naked lady press in my next bench bozo workout..

much of what the great Hopster talks about here is at his Burbanks Tomato blog here @ Blogger--

Mucho 'Garcia's' 2 U
and thanks for plugging my DVD..
one family in Arizona (not mine altho they are there) played the disc for 3 days (it loops) and wondered when it was going to end...however the liked it..and after 3 days they turned it off...but promised to turn it back on one day-- to "catch the ending"

Eugene Costa said...

Actually it works brilliantly as a loop too--as I told you--so you have produced dual use technology.