Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Year End Wrap Up !!

44 Seconds to Wrap Up the Year???---Aww damn. did we sell 59 minutes of Commercials again???

Hand sculpted with a mouse (not a tablet) using Amorphium 2
and one section in ZBrush (bridge part) Voiced on a 1992 copy of Cool Edit Pro
other softs to put it together on a caveman computer...Ulead Gif animator--Antechinus Animator and a Boilsoft avi-mpeg converter....budget....
33 cents....less than a penny a second and worth every...portion of a dollar of it.


Ruth and Fred said...

Sculpted with a mouse?

I'm sure there's at least one pro-rodent group out there that will take offense and picket you with signs that say...




*Paid for by the William Harbutt Association for Mouse-free Modeling

Eugene Costa said...

Spiffissimo as usual, Monsieur.

But you work cheap--it actually costs years of work and application, as well as talent, genius, and total wackiness (which requires courage).

That is at least $3000 per second--which is still cheaper than print and TV and much better to target a niche with.

At least that's the company line.

I love niches--warm, wet, welcoming, and they are especially inviting when competently and stylishly depilated.

Rio de Janiero awaits.

Buon' Anno!

Thorndike Pickledish said...

Thanks Ruthita--I think you're onto sumpthin with that WHAMM...I see it happnin yet...but will swear the mouse to secrecy !


Thanks for your great support in all thing Thorndike--robotalk--bench bozo and Dr ZinGRR...I agree on Rio De Janiero ....one year WABDL was going to have their World meet there...when Brazil fell thru for the 'fed' and we had it in RENO...I quipped to the prez..." Hey it sure is nice here in RENO De Janiero " our fed prez is a former strongest man in the world...in the next second or so ..I experienced the sensation of Flight....yep to this day "Gus" hold the world shot put of FAT GUY for distance record of 19 feet 5 inches !!

But I digress --your poem translation at Burbank's Tomato is most fabulous ..everyone go there now !! Yes! here at blogger.com

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