Monday, December 17, 2007

December Brain poot !

Head turning thoughts...after reading the News in the last few years--it is advisable to follow the "what's in a name?" guideline....if you are a woman and your name ends in "ACY or ACI" like Stacy, Tracy, Laci--etc. It might not be a good idea to marry anyone with the last name Peterson....and if you are expecting a boy child soon...consider not naming him "John Wayne" anything....
(look to Bobbit and Gacy) Try George Washington, something....and yes --the Penguin is mightier than the Swordfish--

Have a Merry Dike and a Happy New Pickle !!

The Planet Transvestron in the Lotus nebula
where large men chew gum like Judy Garland !

Two Blokes wait by the road for the bus to come and it never does
--because they thought it never would...

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Creepy guy - you had her "ferret"

Miss?...May I have this dance??
Enh. Heh.. I've been SO lonely since my ferret died--
I break down sobbing when I smell traces of his
urine in the kitchen when I get up in the morning
--OHH--- how I long for a companion ..
do you have a boyfriend??--do you go online?--
I go online as Igor--The kids used to tease me and
Call me Igor..somehow most of them have left town
--or are buried under my guess-huh hah
..What?... you say you dont want to dance anyways
--ANYWAYS?? there's no "S"in anyways
--it's ANYWAY you idiot...
Alas, Now who will come over to my house and comb
my back??--what's this world coming to when everyone owns
SUV's and wont dance with an Ax Murderer?? --oh no!
--I said that out loud didn't I?
-oh well the music is noisy -maybe no one heard
--Oh I like that Joe Jackson hit--
"Is she really going out with him?"
--wait --maybe the DJ is making fun of ME...I'll kill him !!!

Friday, November 9, 2007


by Leonardo Da Pickledinci
d'robo no so so con loco du hobo

Friday, November 2, 2007

The Wereowl thread !

..Nonsense Bobby..You were not bitten by the 'Were-Owl'
on the field trip..there are no such things as
--whoo whoo whhoo AHHH WHOOOOO
..where was I ??.... Nonsense Bobby....
."Bobby If you're going to distract the class you'd
better go to the nurses office for some Wolfbane "

So, Ms.Talbot, if there's no such thing as Were-Owls
--why can we all- "WHOO" -scuse me'
..move our heads completely around in circles now??

I'm tellin you Laurentia Talbot--as I look into
the flickering Candle and these Tarot cards
--I know you gonna rot in Hell if you dont
cure those kids of the Were Owl curse!!!
Come to the front of the class Children
Ms. Talbot is going to make this
'Were Owl' Nonsense Go away for good

This was a thread I did originally at ZCentral July 24th 2002 or 3 --my friend EAC @ Burbank's Tomato likes the here is a revival of it ...just in time to MISS Halloween...

images done In ZBrush when first learning-

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Token Halloweiner

Halloween WAS my favorite holiday for my entire life..but now I'm just 'faking it'
Here are some illustrations I did when the fire was still new !--

below, is "Hyde in the Mirror"

Rembrandt's Frankenstein

Saturday, October 27, 2007

3D for ME too !

EAC over at the Burbank's Tomato blog--did some very outstanding anaglyph's (3D with the red /blue glasses) when commenting on his --I was inspired to pull out one or 2 of mine....however his are superior....but mine wanted to come out and play so here goes!
Red lens left eye -blue lens right----

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Today's silent ploppages !

Playing 'Hi Ya' with yourself in the mirror !!!

Brothers Shrek and Shmecky Green..
Las Vegas comics get in shape
on the stairmaster

Draculina Hoped no one would notice her "trouble" with the
...spaghetti..yeah..that's it ...the Spaghetti !

These are some of my original works in ZBrush the first 3 are animated !
'Draculina' is a single frame...just in time for Halloween !

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

14.9 seconds of Whiz Dumb

After a hard day of slaving over spoken words
(to make delicious commercials for you )...this is my only molecule of doodle wisdom!

My broken voice of Thorndike Pickledish was my imitation of Lawrence Ferlinghetti and Kenneth Rexroth in the Fantasy LP "Poetry in the Cellar" --when people first heard my voice...they said it was like a Muppet OR A Stan Freberg character...and altho I didn't set out to imitate those voices...I certainly can see where their 'ears' were coming from !

In today's bit--thanks to "Rootz" for the blue pipe cleaners idea !

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Lost Charts and a new 21 sec movie

My Friend ERIC sent me a long lost Radio chart from KDWB in 1966 with my long remembered song Walter Wart the freaky frog debuting at # 36 !
---man, I shared the charts with the best ever groups ! --and how can anyone be as old as I must be to be the real Thorndike Pickledish ??

This Week Last Week

7. Born Free - Roger Williams - Kapp 5
8. There's Got To Be A Word - The Innocence - Kama Sutra 12
9. Devil With The Blue Dress On & Good Golly Miss Molly - Mitch Ryder &
The Detroit Wheels - New Voice 7
10. East-West - Herman's Hermits - MGM 15
11. I Got The Feelin' - Neil Diamond - Bang 11
12. A Hazy Shade Of Winter - Simon & Garfunkel - Columbia 13
13. Sugar Town - Nancy Sinatra - Reprise 20
14. Mane - Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass - A & M 14
15. Good Thing - Paul Revere & The Raiders - Columbia 17
16. Pandora's Golden Heebie Jeebies - The Association - Valiant 22
17. Talk Talk - The Music Machine - Original Sound 18
18. Words Of Love - The Mamas & Papas - Dunhill 19
19. That's Life - Prank Sinatra - Reprise 26
20. Stop Stop Stop - The Hollies - Imperial 16
21. I Need Somebody - ? & The Mysterians - Cameo 21
22. Harlem Shuffle - The Fabulous Flippers - Cameo 10
23. Help Me Girl - The Outsiders - Capitol 27
24. Bar Do You Catch A Girl - Sam The Sham & The Pharaohs - MGM 31
25. You Keep Me Hangin' On - The Supremes - Motown 24
26. Lady Godiva - Peter & Cordon - Capitol 9
27. Knight In Rusty Armour - Peter & Cordon - Capitol 35
28. Color My World - Petula Clark - Warner Brothers 32
29. Time After Time - Chris Montez - A & M 23
30. Please Don't Ever Leave Me - The Cyrkle - Columbia 25
31. Coning Home Soldier - Bobby Vinton - Epic Debut
32. (We Ain't Got)Nothin' Yet - Blues Magoos - Mercury 30
33. Georgy Girl - The Seekers - Capitol Debut
34. Tell It Like It Is - Aaron Neville - Parlo Debut
35. Where Will Words Come From - Gary Lewis & The Playboys - Liberty Debut
36. Ballad Of Walter Wart - Thorndike Pickledish Choir - MTA Debut


1. The Monkees - The Monkees
2. Parsley, Sage, Rosemary & Thyme - Simon & Garfunkel
3. Psychedelic Lollipop - Blues Magoos
4. The Spirit Of '67 - Paul Revere & The Raiders
5. Mamas & Papas - Mamas & Papas

Even Better today, my friend Ted sent me a KEED survey (Eugene Oregon)
with Walter at # 21 !!!--Thanks Ted !! Eugene is a COOL town !!

Then today--I made the 21 second movie in Amorphium3 (the modeling, animation)
it's top o' the headline stuff about Pigny Fears !
Enjoy (or not)

If there is nuttin...ya need a new fangled player...I think the "new" Flash

Thursday, September 20, 2007

The art of table scraps !!

Here are some pictures that I've drawn...and a voice track to keep them company..I do it because other bloggers don't go away for so long, without at least a written note from the head nurse or here I am --just to show I care--in Mumblophonic sound and GruesomeScope

not for kids-
artwork done by me in ZBrush + Amorphium &
Ulead Cool 3D

I'll come back with more drivel-tastic soon as I start having 'those
dreams' again !

Meanwhile, I'd like you to bask in the Brilliance of my Friend EAC in his new artistic blog called Burbank's Tomato
please have a team of artists, scientists, scholars and philosophers handy when reading and watching ! Seize you all soon !
Dickdike Picklethorn

Monday, August 13, 2007


Or was it SUCK-CESS ?? On the Canada wide show EXPOSURE on CBC TV Last night,my full video of The Blimp showed...the Host and Hostess "made faces" and said 'they didn't get it?'--well hell,nothing to get's a minimal style animation I did on the lunacy of wrestler rhetoric ! it was nearly all ad libbed and meant to just be a note to let me remember a brain bubble I had..

so far it has over 8000 views and a rating that usually has it in the the top 10 or so,plus or minus...good news...they gave ME Money !! so twice CBC has bought stuff from me--and twice they have snatched it gratis !

Remember, scroll below, to find out to have your very OWN Terrorist Donut...DVD !

And thanks to Tim Thomas of KNRY in Monterey,ca. for the great Thorndike Pickledish/Walter Wart/KMBY reunion he did on his show,last week !

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Mischief runs rampant !

Recent Pickledish propaganda !!---

A clip of my dastardly video "WET" made the CBC TV air Canada wide Sunday night in a sampler set of varied animation...remember,it's the video you WONT have to look at, if you test drive my "Terrorist Donut" DVD (see post below )--anyway, it seems to have some viewers and votes and the EXPOSURE site is asking for critiques of various online submissions--so I did one,humorously defaming my own work,talking as StormpipeTinkledink--here is that put on !

Meanwhile there have been MAJOR SALES of the "Donut" DVD.....

actually,it's Majer Sales---A fan of the old ZinGRR show Richard Majer of Edmonds Washington recently ordered the disc...I'm not sure his wife Donna has allowed him to watch it yet...after all it takes Noodles Places they've never been before !

Pickledish ! you're incorrigible !!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

From Walter Wart to Terrorist Donuts !

I thought I'd finally get back to you...yes, it's been 41 years and I'm fine, how are you?
Wanna buy a DVD? ...actually, test drive a DVD !?
You remember when I made novelty discs like Walter Wart the freaky Frog? back in 1966
Now I do Bizarre animations that have much the same weird and wack flavor of my early,don't expect smooth professional animation...expect chaotic and hopefully fun experimental art ( I put the "Mental" in Experimental)

here is a sample !

And in even a more commercial vein here is the "trailer"

So, now my FABULOUS Business plan (What Genius this is) you determine that you are weird enough to stand the entire Thorndike experience...then send the man who claims to be me... email with YOUR correct MAILING address, like Joe Blough 2323 Nottathru Street, Sillytown USA --and I will mail you the Homemade masterpiece that is
"A terrorist Donut in your Fruit of the loom"---then when you watch it and like it....YOU send ME $15.00 (12 for the dvd 3 for postage) Sorry we dont have the PAL format--IF you don't like it--I'm out 15.00 bux, cuz no way will you pay for sumpin you dont like...of course if you give it to someone who DOES like it ..have HIM send me $12 bucks (9 for a USED dvd and 3 for postage) remember, if this sucker ever 'takes off' you'll have the original version...worth bunches on Ebay

As a special bonus !!! If you send your address today (and your intent to pay IF ya like it)
I'll promise NOT to send THIS one to you !! --yes,don't delay and you'll never have to see this one !!

More cartoons and Thorndike a few days !

All Hail !! Thorndick Pickledike !

While you're at it...HAIL Dr ZinGRR Too ! click this