Saturday, October 27, 2007

3D for ME too !

EAC over at the Burbank's Tomato blog--did some very outstanding anaglyph's (3D with the red /blue glasses) when commenting on his --I was inspired to pull out one or 2 of mine....however his are superior....but mine wanted to come out and play so here goes!
Red lens left eye -blue lens right----


Eugene Costa said...

Nonsense, Monsieur--we go in different directions, that's all, so there is no danger of being ball bearings rolling all the same way.

These are masterpieces of the genre.

The Juggler was a hit from the getgo, and the Lenny Bruce is, and remains, sheer genius.

And, as I know, this is just a small sample of what you have done.

Want to know what Picasso or Dali might have done in this line--Monsieur Pickledish, a.k.a. robotalk is doing it and has been at it for many long years.

Thanks for posting these here--like seeing old friends who get younger every year and delight more with every passing moment.

Thorndike Pickledish said...

Thank you--for your kind words on these artizmic doodles, yours are kinder on the eyes and mind everyone trundle on over to Hopalong EAC's blog to see "Salvador's Pissoir"

Eugene Costa said...

I am still figuring out this site, Monsieur. I just "subscribed" to your blog (been going manually--is that the word--and without notification when something new is up).

Do I get a piece of rhubarb pie from ruthik now?