Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Today's silent ploppages !

Playing 'Hi Ya' with yourself in the mirror !!!

Brothers Shrek and Shmecky Green..
Las Vegas comics get in shape
on the stairmaster

Draculina Hoped no one would notice her "trouble" with the
...spaghetti..yeah..that's it ...the Spaghetti !

These are some of my original works in ZBrush the first 3 are animated !
'Draculina' is a single frame...just in time for Halloween !


Eugene Costa said...

Hehe, yes Halloween 2008 is finally rolling around again, when the familiar faces of mature animated .GIFs gather together and scare the bejeezus out of one another, and their artists, who just might be onto something new and revolutionary. Boogah! Boogah! Rabelais, mon ami--I was quite, how you say, serious about Rabelais and the fall of the USSR. Hey, and if it worked for them, why not for....oops, since the Patriot Act Merkins are all required to be Patriots. IT'S THE LAW!
Know any Russian Federation billionaire animation sites, by the way? I always get a laugh out of the Fed's "core inflation", which is inflation of goods and services except for fuel and food. A very useful figger in a world where the mass of "workers" don't drive to work or eat.

Thorndike Pickledish said...

2008??? oh my god, my watch stopped--I still have 2007...have I missed anything? --Did Paris Hilton get Britney's Kids back? did Condaleeza Lease her Condo?
did George Bush forget to put on his panties before getting out of the limo???

Patriot Act !!??

thanks for clearing that up for me !

I didn't know you had to BE a patriot..I thought you just had to ACT like one...darn, EAC you really do lead me down the path of smartivity..and for that I thank you..

alright everyone, over to Burbank's Tomato to see EAC's latest!
certified fab always !

Ruth and Fred said...

Is that a cherry pie???
Oddly, I made a sour cherry pie this morning and served it with great dollops of whipped cream to my pie buddies.
Wart a coincidence!

Thorndike Pickledish said...

Hey Ruthita--YES it is a cherry pie !!
man, that is beyond the valley of coincidence....
sour cherry pie--mmm wow --sounds like cherry pie (skip n' flip) the right way !

Thorndike Pickledish said...

I spelled CONDOLEEZZA wrong...who'd think there were 2 EE's next to 2 ZZ's and a CONDO in there...I wonder how many teachers thought she was misspelling her OWN name in grade school..

yours truly, Dorkdyke Thornpipe

Eugene Costa said...

I always thought whoever named it was aiming at something like "with sweetness" in Italian, Maestro, but it always struck me actually as more suggestive of "condolences", which kind of fits its term of office as Secretary of War as well. Oh, not War--Defense? Offense? I can never remember. You know the Bush thing. Anyway, how do you spell peezza?