Thursday, December 17, 2009

Pink your Pickle REDUX

seconds-- Based on a true story !

Even tho there is a BLACK space where the video is supposed to be--the video IS there hit the play arrow for the re-do of pink your pickle----ahh that's better...

Feb 25 2010 7:01 am PST

Sunday, December 13, 2009

A Grunty Guy Xmas

It has been 67 years since my last confession...

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Duplicate !!

Over on Bench Bozo I talk about my Bench pressing workouts and usually keep "All Hail" for my experimental animations - but today I wanted to duplicate a is "Deadlift Bozo"

Short and sweet about a judging question...if you did MORE than a lift called for ...would you still be called 'no lift' due to not following the rules of the lift??

Why I wanted to share it? --I really like the character I made in Amorphium..and the simplicity of it all !!

(in case you still don't get it--the Deadlift is a smooth movement to the top of the thighs only--the snatch is an olympic lift that goes over the head )

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Surreal Estates

Dreaming is nicer than being awake... at Surreal Estates !

Monday, November 9, 2009

Get yer motor runnin !!

A short rumination on going nowhere fast !

Edit: Go Ahead, YOU combine cars-fried chicken in Biodiesel...and frustrating motoring in under a minute and show whimsy !


Thursday, October 22, 2009

Halloween Dream

What was scary was, when the warning came true...
and I was behind the wheel of a machine...

Dreamt in a Truckee California Hotel during my small market
radio days..I had worked at a "Ka-HI" this was when I worked at KHOE..
I actually found that there was a K-HUM too...wouldn't that have been rich
to have worked at KAY---HI--HO and HUM...

Words...I love em !

Saturday, October 10, 2009

All it needs is an ending !

What I thought was attention deficit disorder, was thankfully... only merging in and out of other layers of reality--alternate dimensions-- and bending the cosmic wallpaper...

whew ! I'm relieved ...I thought it was something serious !

Monday, October 5, 2009


Tired of Holiday decorations and New Years ads popping up before Halloweens over?
I thought I'd go beyond that predictable mark and shoot this subject prematurely your way !

Cartooned in ZBrush and Moho-voiced in Cool edit pro-Animated in Antechinus Animator.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Last chance for a summer 'song' ?

I hesitate to put this little movie up-
- there are so many other problems in the world to care about -
- one of my main peeves seems so miniscule...

Thursday, September 17, 2009

The BEST EVER Help Line !!!

38 seconds with the World's BEST Help line....can you deny it?

Monday, September 14, 2009

In Masochistic Low Fidelity !!

Scream of consciousness !
My early animation experiments, woven into a scary few moments.

Monday, August 31, 2009


After careful consideration here at Pickledish house, we advise against believing anything the 'first' guy appears he has a pine cone for hair....and that cannot lead to clear thinking...especially as it seems to rotate..cutting into any gray matter he may have.

Thank You

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I "BS"...but, seriously !

You have 24 seconds with the doctor... make it count...

Sunday, July 19, 2009

fool...STOP !!!

A 90 second ad-lib about an embarrassing moment yesterday...the pictures are just to give you sumpin to look at, while you hear the story...expect no sync or a myriad of pics...just a few sketches I did in Moho...and a photo or 2 of my ride...


Monday, July 13, 2009

Spazzo !!

Spazzo Nite Club --

12476453-269 "A" road-
corner of Nottathru street and Pathetic Hiway south..
..just off Lupus Hiway.
next to Starbucks !
NO ! not THAT Starbucks...the one across from it.
Surrey BC
18 and I.Q please.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

WHA ???


Say it out loud--
"Gorilla'd Cheese Sandwich"

50's puppet Sensation Howdy Diddley !

Howdy's Aunt Aretha Doody

Thursday, June 18, 2009

2 for the show...

---Face Trick---

I got a laptop--reconditioned one...see, I only know the landscape of my OLD desktop with Windows 98--so I figure if my 10 year old mainstay computer ever dies --I'd better have sumpin in line that will record voice..allow me to draw and animate---so the 26 sec movie above--is me drawing in Amorphium and Moho on the Laptop...and recording the voice on the cheesy mic that is built proves that I can work with the new program--but I can tell I have to upgrade the mic... the movie woulda been better at a higher frame rate...but this is what turned out to fit for time.
so, funny? .
a test O' the Thorndike Pickledish communication lab...
yes !

The other day I had to change my answering's diaper was full of telemarketing droppings....couldn't think of much--but here is the one that answers my phone today....

Thorndike's $1.39 studio

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Suxazitduz PM

Watch my latest ad for Suxazitduz PM

So you don't forget, order before midnite tonight !

voiced by me on cool edit pro-drawn and animated using MOHO*

*Moho is now called Anime Studio

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

All in ONE Handy Place !

The other day I found an interesting site--that has an attached contest, simulcast on You Tube...Needing a place to put most of my short films at once, I plopped in 6 films over at BIT FILM-- CLICK HERE
My Favorite aspect is being able to make up stupid names as credits on the film...this, to me is more fun than the films themselves...
for special effects in one, I wrote 'Hal Lou Cynation'---ha ha Hallucination ...
in music for one, I wrote "Hertz Meinhead" --hurts mine head...hee hee..

go on over, see what I mean, n' thanks

Saturday, April 18, 2009

All talk and no Cars !

It is once again time to steal from myself...I invented the names of these GM cars long ago...but now they are more appropriate--it is your doody to support them !

Also on cars...I've always loved the older Jaguar models...and the fine marque has changed owners in the last many years...finally to be taken over by Tata motors of India...I remember when people would say ..."Hey man...nice Jag !!!"

If I had my old Mark 10 right hand drive, back again, and my 1976 XJ12L in my driveway....would I hear ..."Hey man ....Nice Tata's"

I hope not.....

back to the pec deck for more flyes

Friday, April 17, 2009

My Favorite Picture

I was on the beach a few weeks ago --and saw this --just had to shoot it--click on it to see a larger image....I wonder why there is a fireplug on the beach?
Is it in case the sand catches on fire?
this is an Anaglyph I tried to make from 2 separate angles--I do get the "Gull Friend" out in front with Vancouver in the Background.

I was going to do one O' my animated movies for ya...but I didn't like the end this time it was just snaps with my 30 cent camera.

Saturday, March 28, 2009


Komodo Dragon

Two Komodo Dragons were accused of killing a man was not drug or gang related...the Dragons were waiting for the fellow to fall off the tree he was picking fruit might have been justified..

who knows if it wasn't their fruit..
their tree??

And with a name like Komodo..don't you think the defense lawyer will be quick to point out the Dragons being bullied in school with things like....

"Hey Dragons--go back to your Commode"

Meanwhile...a Kimono Dragon might be an iffy partner in a dollar a dance might be hard to slip away without being ...dare I say...."frenched"
Kimono Dragon

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Me such BAD man !

This is a rant about the GYM today....Psychiatric help anyone ??

When I started this BLOG it was going to be just an occasional humorous bit of artwork or animation...and my "Bench Bozo" was going to be JUST my Bench Press training--and never the twain shall meet....well, today some merging has taken place and gym stuff (irrational mumbling) has become today's Thorndike Pickledish talking bloggeroo---relapse and enjoy... 2 minutes of me ruminating over the rant that IS the masked gym whistler....

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Anatomy of a Brain Amateurism !

I did this in the free Program "Project Dogwaffle" used the mouse to draw it.

Then I took the ONE panel and stretched it in the old "MOHO" program --MOHO is now improved and called "Anime Underwear" or some name with the word "Anime" in it....
I made 58 frames--repeated them-to 232 at 8 frames a second--I ad libbed a voice track to it and here is 29 seconds of silly thinking out loud..

It's a fun way to blog --when you don't type out your thoughts for the day..but instead do a 'talking letter' to expose the workings of your 35 cent computer and it's inner drawing board....

I like this one today--but tomorrow --or maybe later tonite --I'll probably be embarrassed and want to send it to the messy art grave yard.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Lost Isle - FOUND?

click to see all the touch ups---I mean Larger size image..

'Typos' a Greek isle, written about in depth, by Hunton Pecker, in his novel,
"Smith VS Corona...the
yellow beer chronicles"

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Brain Amateurism #2

Your password is ---Weather Balloons--when the 48 second animation say....Weather Balloons !!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Today's Brain 'Amateurism' !!

Spose' since this Rhymes--it could be me as Rapper "Try-T Why-T"
(trite-ee whitey) I gets better as it goes--and it is just today's 50 second wig bubble !

drawn in Dogwaffle.
And the 'soft' previously know as Moho
--and ZBrush
with edits in "Painter"
voice in cool edit pro
(now called Adobe Audition)

Sunday, February 8, 2009

And Then I drew....

Herr Nicholaus 'Ned' Nasenbar --down on hard luck
because of low funding at the Zoo...
Sat on street corners saying 'Putt- putt -putt'
over and over hoping to be hired as an adult toy !! !
Here Is "YODEL" spelled Yodel..and pronounced YO-DELL...
who is from the forthcoming "Star Wars the Cow Pie Menace"
..Yodel is found in an Oklahoma Trailer Park....
when Luke asks how to use a pitchfork..
Yodel says I reckon ya ..'Thrust the Fork loose !!!'
( Trust the force Luke ...get it??) ------

Ms. Muir was definitely a different person on or about every 18th of the month

Thorndike... CLEAN the Damn Water !!
do You hear me..

drawn using ZBrush--Dogwaffle and/or Amorphium- pics 1-3-and 4 are animated--if not moving wait for it

Monday, February 2, 2009

What Me Tube???

My pal Zaitsoff sent me some You Tube addresses...and they turned out to be my ancient 45's that a comedy fan had put up--

He went to the trouble of putting up some interesting frog animation/slide show videos while the bits first I wasn't ready to have Lonely Bullfrog or 'Wart' now my love --on the TUBE--but when I found SF Bound --Paranoia and The imperial Grandmother up--I was pretty happy...even Happier when I saw the other artists he put on his site---follow the URL's to ToyBoyTwo's channel--
lotsa Python and Sid Caesar --and some comic gems....hah...if only someone had the guts to put up Viet Nama Mama---wait --no, that one scares everyone's like I was imitating Yoko before she ever put a record out...hah---

anyway--thanks--and All Hail '
ToyBoyTwo' !

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Yes -Yes --but so very NO !!

29.5 seconds that explains EVERYTHING??!!!???.....

.....Naw .......

Monday, January 19, 2009

Sketch Book 30 years back.

click on each pictures to see a larger version

When Thorndike PickleRobert was all nite DJ on Seattle's KVI (before it went News Talk Culture Shock) between tunes he would scribble --and as the cartoon appeared to look like something, anything, the picture would 'draw itself'--
later a caption was added
and there was his own do it yourself mental examination....

drawn in late 70's early 80's copyrighted in 2000 for web use

Monday, January 12, 2009

Brain Feathers !

Brainpan Boogie

New version Tues 13th

Do you speak in chunks of mutton and mint flavored word sausage?
Sometimes even "Golden Glob" winners do too...
Well, this took all day....... to craft 37.2 seconds of Uptrite' pooetry !

What I do like, is the camera pan I did with the old MOHO program (it is now Anime' sandwich or some such) and the goofers I drew in ZBrush and the fiendish looking kid who menaces at the end...the model of the woman I like too..cuz it's not much in the way of a TP "Hideousity"--AND....Over Dog "bit" spokesdog.

I do like the idea 'Brain feathers being preened n' fluffed into a dream pillow'....I may use that idea properly one day...but never the is what took me a whole damn day...and now...I finally kinda like it !

I found that to make fun of people who sing in their have to try to sing...I wont DO that again (Cybil Shepard syndrome I call it )--I also will never use my 'Nancy Grace' voice again.... about creepin myself out !

Saturday, January 3, 2009

The "SH" factor !

Help me solve the Mystery of the new Vocal aberration the "SH" factor !

Movie proudly modeled in ZBrush
and animated in the wonder of Repeato flap...the cheatiest style !
the choice of lazy animators !

Friday, January 2, 2009

There will be Beans !

Tuesday I decided to make a huge pot of chili--so when I shopped for all the stuff I remembered to get chili powder
(the kind with all the 'chili aspect' in it---cumin-garlic-chili-basil or whatever ALL the ingredients of 'chili' are)
So, at Meinhardts I pick up the envelope of 'chili' powder --
come home...
braise the meat...
cook the onions...
green peppers --
tomato sauce...
tomato paste (to glue any broken tomatos back together)
black beans--
kidney beans...
and the chili flavoring sauce....
taste... chili flavor??.....
But HOT oh my god--the chili PREP powder was all CAYENNE

--yes Meinhardts
was literal
(no one else I know is)
instead of calling it cayenne powder
they labeled it chili...most people take that to mean quick n' dirty combo fixins..

Well...2 pounds o' meat is ruined...

all told 5 pounds of edible item should be flushed.....

one bite of this and you'd be in the emergency award...

yes...this was MACE in the non spray version, with beans...
What to do??? go buy real chili fixin powder 2 more cans of each bean--2 more pounds of meat??
damn, no, the idea is use what I've got......remember-the problem is icy sidewalks and getting to any store that has that stuff is a big factor.
well I have curry cubes (Glico) I'll morph this into CURRY !
I have banana's -
-overly sweet Goldilocks brand shortbread...shaved back to powder...
but no yogurt --
no nuthin to kill the fire-
no coconut--no chutney--
--alright all of the above get chopped and sifted in--

oooh the bananas really help

so now it has a wonderful flavor--really --not kidding

...cept this is the reaction I would get...
"mmm Thonrndike--this is soo flavourful and sweet --and rich--oooh it is heavenly...


20 seconds in--

it's a bit hot isn't it??--

ohh it's so good but it's so hot...
oh my head is pounding ...

my gut !"
wheee oooo wheee ooo....(sound of ambulance)
So, I put it away...thinking after a few days in the fridge I'll go buy food to dilute a stew maybe...
so today I bought more meat--more onions -celery-plum tomatoes--potatoes-carrots...and I precooked those things in 3 batches and dumped them into the pot after they were cooked.....stirred it up...simmered it...
and it is just the right hotness...and still wine splashed in did cranberry sauce (small amount) so the once upon a time chili--will be Curry Stew !

and oh yeah---I used my coffee grinder to powder up some cumin seeds...that will be nice next time I grind some dark roast

and ..DAMN !
this stuff is good...
unfortunately it looks a bit like......


chef Thorndike Singh Ouchmypoorhiney