Monday, July 13, 2009

Spazzo !!

Spazzo Nite Club --

12476453-269 "A" road-
corner of Nottathru street and Pathetic Hiway south..
..just off Lupus Hiway.
next to Starbucks !
NO ! not THAT Starbucks...the one across from it.
Surrey BC
18 and I.Q please.


Eugene Costa said...

Where the guys are from Pluto and the women vinous?

Do they have a francise in Beverly Hills by any chance?

"Spazzo" rhymes with Fatso, right?

Punchy little piece, as usual, Maestro, and the lip is precious.

Thorndike Pickledish said...

Oh I get it---SPAT-SO---to pronounce--goood idea--and OOPS the name IS used everywhere as an Italian restaurant...yikes there IS a spazzo and a spazzi--next time I'd better check my fictitious names..before I get 'grated' over some nice eggplant...

good thing I gave a specific address --not to be confused with the spazzo's anywhere else.

Eugene Costa said...

Mais oui, Monsieur Robeau, one--how you say--things eed izz real plasss. Making zee reservations too. Mercy for telleen eed izz nod real!

Crazy, hehe.