Monday, December 17, 2007

December Brain poot !

Head turning thoughts...after reading the News in the last few years--it is advisable to follow the "what's in a name?" guideline....if you are a woman and your name ends in "ACY or ACI" like Stacy, Tracy, Laci--etc. It might not be a good idea to marry anyone with the last name Peterson....and if you are expecting a boy child soon...consider not naming him "John Wayne" anything....
(look to Bobbit and Gacy) Try George Washington, something....and yes --the Penguin is mightier than the Swordfish--

Have a Merry Dike and a Happy New Pickle !!

The Planet Transvestron in the Lotus nebula
where large men chew gum like Judy Garland !

Two Blokes wait by the road for the bus to come and it never does
--because they thought it never would...