Monday, January 12, 2009

Brain Feathers !

Brainpan Boogie

New version Tues 13th

Do you speak in chunks of mutton and mint flavored word sausage?
Sometimes even "Golden Glob" winners do too...
Well, this took all day....... to craft 37.2 seconds of Uptrite' pooetry !

What I do like, is the camera pan I did with the old MOHO program (it is now Anime' sandwich or some such) and the goofers I drew in ZBrush and the fiendish looking kid who menaces at the end...the model of the woman I like too..cuz it's not much in the way of a TP "Hideousity"--AND....Over Dog "bit" spokesdog.

I do like the idea 'Brain feathers being preened n' fluffed into a dream pillow'....I may use that idea properly one day...but never the is what took me a whole damn day...and now...I finally kinda like it !

I found that to make fun of people who sing in their have to try to sing...I wont DO that again (Cybil Shepard syndrome I call it )--I also will never use my 'Nancy Grace' voice again.... about creepin myself out !


Eugene Costa said...

One of your best--spiff coloring too.

Modeling is just a way of getting there, save for the serious modellers who "model" to sell used cars to the consumers who masquerade as "artists" on commercial sites like Ionesco's Rhinoceroviscosity.

With the software companies it's a bit like French paintbrush manufacturers telling painters how their brushes are to be used.

As someone--I think it was me--just said elsewhere (the erotic version) "There's two born every minute."

Superb stuff, maestro.

That's Dostoyevsky and Vygotsky 2, the Rhinoceros Cowboys 0.

Thorndike Pickledish said...

Hey EAC !!
I added some new pix and replaced the previous script and voice over...I like it better now...altho I find ONE blaring 'trytizzmo' in it...the flaps are happier I spose I can put the brainfeather filled thought pillow to sleep now..

thanks for your always terrific words !

And KUDOS on your recent many Burbanks Tomato entries ! superb..and waay beyond my 'full feathers' BUT faboo to say the least.

Eugene Costa said...

Even better with a preface by Torus Man, though a bit more low-key soundwise (or is it my imagination?)

Tight is right, and that is not the half of it.

USD is now a certified double-dealing debt currency, with debt and interest at both ends.

Paulson makes both Madoff and Ponzi look like pikers.

A few controlling members of the Federal Reserve go to Herr Bush and ask for $700,000,000,000.

Bush gives it to them no strings attached.

In order to give it to them the Federal Government had to borrow the $700,000,000,000 at interest, with Federal taxes and property as collateral, from, er, well--the Federal Reserve.

Then they give back the $700,000,000,000 to, well, er, the Federal Reserve, so that they can give it to banks and other financial institutions to lend out as credit and at interest to the same tax-payers who are paying taxes at interest to pay off, well, the initial loan that, well, er, the Federal Reserve gave to the Federal Government so that the Federal Government could give $700,000,000,000 to, well, er, the Federal Reserve, to, well, er, lend it out at interest to, well, er, the taxpayers that are paying off the loan that was the gift to, well, er, the Federal Reserve.

Sound like Science Fiction?

Talk about vicious circles.

These comedians make Lenny Bruce look like Mr. Rogers. Squeeze that beaver until it rides the buffalo.