Saturday, January 24, 2009

Yes -Yes --but so very NO !!

29.5 seconds that explains EVERYTHING??!!!???.....

.....Naw .......


Eugene Costa said...

Brilliantly done.

In the beginning there was Philip K. Dick, who was known by his friends as Phil.

Except he didn't have any friends, so everyone knew him as Nancy.

And he said: Fiat Electrolux.

And there was sucking.

And it came to pass in forty days and forty nights three fortnights more or less.

[Because Verily I say unto EWES
Pi is 3.0 in the OT]

And they buildeth a temple of the penultimate truth.

And it was round.

And three times the distance across the circle from side to side equaled the circumcision of the circumference, which was called Jeroboam, which was four and a half liters except when it was three.

And the penultimate truth was that all the politicians existeth only on television and that IN GOD WE TRUST

on funny money

is a joke upon EWES.

And it was good.

And there was laughter in the peanut gallery.

And Phil was glad of heart.

And Nancy makes two.

Thorndike Pickledish said...

I see your theory as the TRUE foundation here at the First Church of Prime Ridicularian Facetiousness !

And Phil Dick---puts the "dick" in Ridicularian !

So sayeth-- Ahab, rehab, Meshach, and
No bed to go !

I concur with your words, and hope you will speak at our big tent show in Georgia this the corners of Macon and Gravy street...the airlines are offering Super Savior fares !

Make it to this event --or damnation will ensue ...and you won't even be able to sit by the window on the bus to hell !

Eugene Costa said...

Like the new profile portrait--is that the fellow who goes by the monicker, "This neck of the woods"?

Looking ripped, fit, and not ready to quit, mon ami.