Monday, February 2, 2009

What Me Tube???

My pal Zaitsoff sent me some You Tube addresses...and they turned out to be my ancient 45's that a comedy fan had put up--

He went to the trouble of putting up some interesting frog animation/slide show videos while the bits first I wasn't ready to have Lonely Bullfrog or 'Wart' now my love --on the TUBE--but when I found SF Bound --Paranoia and The imperial Grandmother up--I was pretty happy...even Happier when I saw the other artists he put on his site---follow the URL's to ToyBoyTwo's channel--
lotsa Python and Sid Caesar --and some comic gems....hah...if only someone had the guts to put up Viet Nama Mama---wait --no, that one scares everyone's like I was imitating Yoko before she ever put a record out...hah---

anyway--thanks--and All Hail '
ToyBoyTwo' !


Eugene Costa said...

Great little collection of bits from the one man Firesign.

I had not realized Monsieur Robo was the inventor of Toro Funk, hehe.

Guadalajara--both ears and the tail!

GML Tech Support said...


and remember:

Anonymous said...

robert O, its great to find that you have a blog, at one time you sent me a copy of walter wart. i used to listen to you as a teenager on kol, and also watched a think a friday night show you had on the old station ktvw channel 13, in tacoma wa, which is now kcpq. ive moved to medford oregon now for my heath, but always remember you as one of my favorite djs growing up, tc, thom hamilton

Thorndike Pickledish said...

Thanks to Hopalong for your comment and wit !

GML thanks for the good word !

Thomcatpurrs...thanks for getting in touch--the KOL and ZinGRR (TV) days were my favorites !