Sunday, February 8, 2009

And Then I drew....

Herr Nicholaus 'Ned' Nasenbar --down on hard luck
because of low funding at the Zoo...
Sat on street corners saying 'Putt- putt -putt'
over and over hoping to be hired as an adult toy !! !
Here Is "YODEL" spelled Yodel..and pronounced YO-DELL...
who is from the forthcoming "Star Wars the Cow Pie Menace"
..Yodel is found in an Oklahoma Trailer Park....
when Luke asks how to use a pitchfork..
Yodel says I reckon ya ..'Thrust the Fork loose !!!'
( Trust the force Luke ...get it??) ------

Ms. Muir was definitely a different person on or about every 18th of the month

Thorndike... CLEAN the Damn Water !!
do You hear me..

drawn using ZBrush--Dogwaffle and/or Amorphium- pics 1-3-and 4 are animated--if not moving wait for it

1 comment:

Eugene Costa said...

Now that's a Cruiser Quartet,a cuatro patas!

The color in the first is marvellous especially.

Tour de force, Maestro.

Now, if ducks wore shoes, would it be possible to fill them with French Fries--patatas fritas en las zapatas por las patas de pato?