Sunday, February 15, 2009

Brain Amateurism #2

Your password is ---Weather Balloons--when the 48 second animation say....Weather Balloons !!


Eugene Costa said...

Haiku U (For the Maestro)

Her whether balloons.
Put your finger in the air.
Doesn't it feel real?


[Satire is no longer possible--the situation is beyond absurd. Monsieur Robeau has all the meta-news of any importance whatsoever]

Thorndike Pickledish said...

Thanks Hopalong !! I forgot to say that these hen scratchings---er-- cartoons were drawn in Easy Toon (Or EZToon) a free program you can still find on the web--if you try hard--and I colorized them as BMPs in 'Painter'
as EZ Toon is B&W only--

everyone--click on Hopalongs name and then to Burbank's Tomato to see his AMAZING art and words.

Thorndike Pickledish said...

Test---invisible blog?---on to fix it
what was clicked that-erased me??--test test