Monday, February 9, 2009

Today's Brain 'Amateurism' !!

Spose' since this Rhymes--it could be me as Rapper "Try-T Why-T"
(trite-ee whitey) I gets better as it goes--and it is just today's 50 second wig bubble !

drawn in Dogwaffle.
And the 'soft' previously know as Moho
--and ZBrush
with edits in "Painter"
voice in cool edit pro
(now called Adobe Audition)

1 comment:

Eugene Costa said...

Actually it is all in George Santayana, but short of recommending READING A BUK, one word:


The brilliancy is Monsieur Robeau does not bother to satirize, and his may be an understatement.

The fellow surely loves his "Health Insurance", hehe.