Monday, January 19, 2009

Sketch Book 30 years back.

click on each pictures to see a larger version

When Thorndike PickleRobert was all nite DJ on Seattle's KVI (before it went News Talk Culture Shock) between tunes he would scribble --and as the cartoon appeared to look like something, anything, the picture would 'draw itself'--
later a caption was added
and there was his own do it yourself mental examination....

drawn in late 70's early 80's copyrighted in 2000 for web use

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Eugene Costa said...

Superb collection, Maestro, and a fine lively line too.

Who was it said, "Life is a near death experience"?.

Oh, I guess it was me.

Yes, indeed, depending on how one lives one's life, mirrors can be flattering.

And hardbodies with soft minds, perhaps underestimate the unadulterated suck-it-up power of vanilla nookie and a sound, healthy gut.