Friday, April 17, 2009

My Favorite Picture

I was on the beach a few weeks ago --and saw this --just had to shoot it--click on it to see a larger image....I wonder why there is a fireplug on the beach?
Is it in case the sand catches on fire?
this is an Anaglyph I tried to make from 2 separate angles--I do get the "Gull Friend" out in front with Vancouver in the Background.

I was going to do one O' my animated movies for ya...but I didn't like the end this time it was just snaps with my 30 cent camera.

1 comment:

Eugene Costa said...

Good job on the anaglyph.

Why the fireplug? That's easy--you always want to have a fireplug near the giant ashtray, just in case.

They don't call him Smokey for nothing.

(Now that's an enthymeme so surreal and concealed only Monsieur Robeau will get it off the bat as elementary, dear Watson).