Saturday, March 28, 2009


Komodo Dragon

Two Komodo Dragons were accused of killing a man was not drug or gang related...the Dragons were waiting for the fellow to fall off the tree he was picking fruit might have been justified..

who knows if it wasn't their fruit..
their tree??

And with a name like Komodo..don't you think the defense lawyer will be quick to point out the Dragons being bullied in school with things like....

"Hey Dragons--go back to your Commode"

Meanwhile...a Kimono Dragon might be an iffy partner in a dollar a dance might be hard to slip away without being ...dare I say...."frenched"
Kimono Dragon


Eugene Costa said...

Love the Dragon Lady--straight out of Notre Dame de Paris and Terry and the Pirates.

Quasikomodo was considered deformed because of the huge breast-like warts on his chest.

But finally he got a job at Yugo dealership where he fell in love with Esmeralda, a new sing song model six cylinder made by the Koreans.

This gradually turned into the plot of Romeo and Juliet.

Moto on, Maestro, moto on....

GML Tech Support said...

Rubber Dough, you kill me!!