Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Anatomy of a Brain Amateurism !

I did this in the free Program "Project Dogwaffle" used the mouse to draw it.

Then I took the ONE panel and stretched it in the old "MOHO" program --MOHO is now improved and called "Anime Underwear" or some name with the word "Anime" in it....
I made 58 frames--repeated them-to 232 at 8 frames a second--I ad libbed a voice track to it and here is 29 seconds of silly thinking out loud..

It's a fun way to blog --when you don't type out your thoughts for the day..but instead do a 'talking letter' to expose the workings of your 35 cent computer and it's inner drawing board....

I like this one today--but tomorrow --or maybe later tonite --I'll probably be embarrassed and want to send it to the messy art grave yard.


Eugene Costa said...

A brilliant and laidback encounter of the the Third Kind, including expressive drawing and animation.

Tom Lehrer had Von Braun's number--"I just shoot them up, who knows where they come down? It's not my department", says Werner von Braun.

Too bad about General Motors. They were just about to enter the market with their own version of the Hummer.

They were calling it the "Viagra".

Only came in blue.

Thorndike Pickledish said...

Thanks Eugene !
Most of these animations are on the fly inkblot tests--I make a picture with no preconceived idea--then warp it and mess with it a bit --then ad lib what ever comes to mind..when it gets close to 'funny' I stop--one day I'll make the drive all the way to hilarity town--meanwhile thanks for watching !