Saturday, April 18, 2009

All talk and no Cars !

It is once again time to steal from myself...I invented the names of these GM cars long ago...but now they are more appropriate--it is your doody to support them !

Also on cars...I've always loved the older Jaguar models...and the fine marque has changed owners in the last many years...finally to be taken over by Tata motors of India...I remember when people would say ..."Hey man...nice Jag !!!"

If I had my old Mark 10 right hand drive, back again, and my 1976 XJ12L in my driveway....would I hear ..."Hey man ....Nice Tata's"

I hope not.....

back to the pec deck for more flyes


Eugene Costa said...

Nice patates.

The American automobile industry has been on the slide since the middle 1950's, and the very model so many admire--the Chevrolet Impala--was part of the cause--which was marketing in general, and marketing style in particular.

Antelope Antelope is not necessarily Tata-Tata.

Ruth and Fred said...

u sed doody