Tuesday, May 5, 2009

All in ONE Handy Place !

The other day I found an interesting site--that has an attached contest, simulcast on You Tube...Needing a place to put most of my short films at once, I plopped in 6 films over at BIT FILM-- CLICK HERE
My Favorite aspect is being able to make up stupid names as credits on the film...this, to me is more fun than the films themselves...
for special effects in one, I wrote 'Hal Lou Cynation'---ha ha Hallucination ...
in music for one, I wrote "Hertz Meinhead" --hurts mine head...hee hee..

go on over, see what I mean, n' thanks


Ruth and Fred said...

I'd rather sleep on a bed of garbanzo beans than eat a hamurger that tastes like poo.

Oh yeah!

Eugene Costa said...

Ah, yes, inventing creditors, yes, yes--William Claude Dukenfield, yes, yes, good old W.C., yes.

Garbanzo bean bed, yes, yes, practiced ny Tibedan Monkeys in the high Him-a-yahs-yahs, yes, yes.

An anodyne for lumbago, yes, yes.

But they must be cooked properly and seasoned with alcohol, yes, yes.

Lots of seasoning, yes.

Good for the lumbago.