Saturday, November 14, 2009

You'll say "What The Hell???" Like NEVER Before !


Eugene Costa said...

Absolutely brilliant, Maestro! One of your best ever, including brilliant coloring, modeling, and animation and the match with the photographic background. Great sound and synch work too.

A small masterpiece in every direction--and "small" only in the sense that with masterpieces size is irrelevant.

Note with pleasure too that little Sqirlz arpeggio.

Thorndike Pickledish said...

Thank You Kind Hopalong !!
This animation had me using ZBrush for the kid on the moon--and MANY of the characters were done in the OLD Amorphium--and 2 were done in Amorphium '3'--in re-learning PLAY'S original Amorphium (these were the heads and drum-the pull up face on building-the devil guy and the flower pot mishap man) I found new things by going back--of course the new Electric Image version is better..BUT..Play's invention is great for it's ease of lighting and crisp to have to use one when you don't have EASY access to the other...again..the writing was free form...and I feel a little bothered about the 'dog' joke..but that's where 'comedy' is nowadays a spose...still I can stop playing the sucker..thanks Eugene !