Monday, November 9, 2009

Get yer motor runnin !!

A short rumination on going nowhere fast !

Edit: Go Ahead, YOU combine cars-fried chicken in Biodiesel...and frustrating motoring in under a minute and show whimsy !



Eugene Costa said...

Well, at least it's not a Bently or a Rolls Royce.


I don't like to drive even though I am an excellent driver.

Much more interested in disposable vehicles and walkaways.

Thorndike Pickledish said...

Diesel is purported to be very clean as far as emissions--biodiesel even cleaner I spose --they only SMELL dirty..and believe it or don't my current antique on wheels (1984 300SD 5 cyl automatic) can go like a bat outta hell--well of corse if there were OPEN highways where CLOG wasn't the rule..I've heard of disposable cars etc--once again you're the sharpest observer of trends I know..wonder what configuration the throw aways will take??

I shoulda used a punchier ending --'smiling--coughing --gasping corndogs in canola bio diesel..'

once again I used a few animations
I made with a Nevada desert backdrop (shot on my trip to the World Bench Press meet)
and a stolen pic of a 1965 Heckflosse-- animated a clump of stuff then--using yet another microphone I had to test ( not using preamp on laptop--trying APEX USB port mic)

I ad libbed a track --edited it--few bumps in there tho..and plopped it up here for fun...out of the last 5 anims I've done here --2 were actaully MIC tests...giggle snort...

Eugene Costa said...

It is a beautiful machine--there is no question about that, and a marvelous example of German engineering and design.