Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Surreal Estates

Dreaming is nicer than being awake... at Surreal Estates !


Eugene Costa said...

Homing in, Maestro, homing in!

This is a repeater--you loop it.

"It is in this repressive universe that the behavioral explication of meaning takes place--the explication which is to exorcize the old linguistic 'ghosts' the Cartesian and other obsolete myths...."

Herbert Marcuse.

OPAA! [theme from Zorba]

Ruth and Fred said...

Are you a frog?
No I'm Belgian.

Best line EVER!

Thorndike Pickledish said...

Thanks for your comments my dear 'regulars' I appreciate that you took the 3 mins 25 secs to tour Surreal Estates...many times when I joke about some comic evolution..the idea OR invention eventually gets made, no not by someone stealing MY idea..but by other people having it occur to them...what about,rather than being about the dream sate, this was about a commercial real estate venture...many homes built in oddball shapes with surreal murals on all the walls --the furniture as if done by Dali' and then marketed as Surreal Estates..then only very rich very bent people would buy the places...dibs on Magritte lane..

Eugene Costa said...

You are correct, Maestro, suburban developments in the US especially and as they stand are indeed surreal, just as the Right Wing Mormon Radio Talk Show Terrorist Glenn Beck is surreal.

Most people do not see this because they identify surrealism with the artists who originated it it.

The distinction is fairly simple--the original surrealism was interesting.

The US Finance Capitalist version is regimented, conventional, and boring, and is deliberately designed to be so.

Architecture aside, consider just the names: how many gated suburban communities go by the name of "Autumn Lake", for example?

What in the world is an "Autumn Lake" then?

The answer hinges on the many "Spring Lakes" that dot the natural landscape.

The developers, or their PR hires,
took the "Spring" as seasonal and reversed it.

This, it almost goes without saying, is a bit like automatic writing, except notice: the gist is numbing rather than stimulating.

The ignorance and stupidity required to get to this level of the surreal is transcendental. More important, it points to a populace even more transcendentally stupid--the consumers, who buy these tract estates and keep themselves healthy with bottled Evian Autumn Water.