Thursday, October 22, 2009

Halloween Dream

What was scary was, when the warning came true...
and I was behind the wheel of a machine...

Dreamt in a Truckee California Hotel during my small market
radio days..I had worked at a "Ka-HI" this was when I worked at KHOE..
I actually found that there was a K-HUM too...wouldn't that have been rich
to have worked at KAY---HI--HO and HUM...

Words...I love em !


Eugene Costa said...

Hilarious stuff, and spiff CG-photomontage work, and that last closing image I recall as one of your great stand alones.

Hear the one about the jock from KHOE who dreamed he picked up a woman undercover cop posing as a hooker on Valentine's Day?

Come Valentine's Day and he is driving to work and the machine goes dead in the middle of freeway.

He looks around and all the drivers are wearing Halloween costumes.


Thorndike Pickledish said...

That IS 100 times scarier than my dream..the odd thing about KHOE--is in modern slang K HO might be best to go to a hip hop format..gangster rap music and the like..IF it is still there--when I worked there the boss tried to burn it down (with me in it) to collect the insurance..I guess that IS the REAL scare involved with my tenure in Truckee..

I went to South Lake Tahoe and Vegas after that job...then Monterey Cal...Seattle and Vancouver...yes being a DJ in the old days was like being a migratory farmer.

Eugene Costa said...

Yep, scary--all the jock could think of was "Trick or treat."

Tried to burn the station down with you in it, for the insurance?

Never work for anyone nicknamed "Torch", and if you do, never take out life insurance with him or her as beneficiary, jeje.

Anyway your story would make a great animated Halloween bit--Tale of the Crypt with a touch of Play Misty With Me?