Monday, October 5, 2009


Tired of Holiday decorations and New Years ads popping up before Halloweens over?
I thought I'd go beyond that predictable mark and shoot this subject prematurely your way !

Cartooned in ZBrush and Moho-voiced in Cool edit pro-Animated in Antechinus Animator.


Eugene Costa said...

Brilliantly done, wonderful work, Maestro--including the modeling and texturing, voice work, everything.

20120--is that when all the Mayan computer programs reset the date and Bill Gates has his heartburn excised with a flint knife on the summit of a Baked Alaska pyramid on Easter Island?

Ruth and Fred said...

omg I never thought of it before Hopalong's comment...but was the invention of Baked Alaska a warning about climate change?
American physicist Benjamin Thompson (Count Rumford) claimed to have created it in 1804, after having lived with a Maya family of obsidian knife producers. Okay I made that last part up...but...

Thorndike Pickledish said...

You take my unworthy ball and run with it to new and funnier material !! I thank you both so much !!

I have been told that my use of

"I'm a dinner jacket"

as the Iranian heads name --is not a ONE seems that Whoopie Goldberg uses that 'name' when she speaks of him too--sorry--I thought for sure I was the first and only one to use or think of that malaprop..funny how hard it is to be 100% original without some other somebody think of it too..tsk does SOUND like "I'm a dinner jacket" tho..