Saturday, August 8, 2009

For the love of hair ...


Eugene Costa said...

Brilliant, Monsieur Robeau, and that first character--Mr. Chee A. Pett?--is especially well modeled and textured.

If you want something scary, for a few seconds he reminds very much of a Brit friend from some years ago--and NOT the hair--but the crouching forward.

He must have learned it from his Oxford tutors, haha.

Ruth and Fred said...

HAWWW! Love the Peter Lorre voice. Always makes me think of that part in the Spike Jones version of "My Old Flame" You know? "...and then I removed zee other eye...the eye that kept WEEENKING and BLEEEENKING..."

Thorndike Pickledish said...

Thank You Hopalong- My modeling and manipulation of Chee-a-Pett was done in ZBrush and I like it too--the 'warp was done in "MOHO" it woulda look better at a higher frame rate...but it was good for a demo...when Neil Sedaka sings it --it will be a top 40 hit.

Hey Ruthita !

Yes I actually heard the Peter Lorre impression on Spike Jones records..before I ever actually saw Peter Lorre act in film---it is classic--both the ORIGINAL Spike Jones disc (dad had a 78 of it..and played it when i was sick with pneumonia --he wanted me to die laffing)
AND the remake by Paul Frees on the Spike Jones Halloween album of the 60's --a gas of a creation ! so hilarious....later I got to play a realistic version of peter lorre in a radio play produced by Jim French in Seattle...the STAR of that syndy radio play.....Tommy Smothers...really !!!!