Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Token Halloweiner

Halloween WAS my favorite holiday for my entire life..but now I'm just 'faking it'
Here are some illustrations I did when the fire was still new !--

below, is "Hyde in the Mirror"

Rembrandt's Frankenstein


Eugene Costa said...

Every one brilliantly and vibrantly done, and masterpeices of genre in their own right, Maestro.

The Frankula lives even without moving--where did you get that lip gloss?

And check out that Robo-yodel stare.

Enough to reverse global swarming on its lonesome own..

But the Jekyll and Hyde is the ueber-brilliancy, close up there with Were-Owl and Booplisa.

Oh yeah, that extra "e" in the "uber" is a representation of the umlaut in German.

A Dutchman argued with me about the matter on Inner Traveler, showing mainly, as he found out later, his own ignorance of traditional German orthography.

You can't learn it in Amsterdam cafes.

All Heil TP!

Und Herr Doktor Demento too.

Thorndike Pickledish said...

Thank you ! Hopalong !
my fave is the Jekyll --thank you--I didn't know Amorphium could do such a glorious reflectivity--but when I found it...I lunged forth with the 'doc' in the carriage--I hoped to get one molecule of Spencer Tracy resemblance --thanks for the all hail--to Pickledish and his worthiness king Demento..but remember I was ZinGRR...Barry Hansen is the great Demented one !!

Eugene Costa said...

Lutefiskheads, lutefiskheads--roly polyunsaturated lutefiskheads--and that ain't no lye!