Friday, November 2, 2007

The Wereowl thread !

..Nonsense Bobby..You were not bitten by the 'Were-Owl'
on the field trip..there are no such things as
--whoo whoo whhoo AHHH WHOOOOO
..where was I ??.... Nonsense Bobby....
."Bobby If you're going to distract the class you'd
better go to the nurses office for some Wolfbane "

So, Ms.Talbot, if there's no such thing as Were-Owls
--why can we all- "WHOO" -scuse me'
..move our heads completely around in circles now??

I'm tellin you Laurentia Talbot--as I look into
the flickering Candle and these Tarot cards
--I know you gonna rot in Hell if you dont
cure those kids of the Were Owl curse!!!
Come to the front of the class Children
Ms. Talbot is going to make this
'Were Owl' Nonsense Go away for good

This was a thread I did originally at ZCentral July 24th 2002 or 3 --my friend EAC @ Burbank's Tomato likes the here is a revival of it ...just in time to MISS Halloween...

images done In ZBrush when first learning-

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Eugene Costa said...

"Likes"--it's not a question of "likes", Maestro, it is quite beyond that.

What does it matter whether one likes Picasso's Blue Guitar or not?

It defines and is unavoidable, and transcends whether one "likes" Rice Krispies or Richard Gere's smile or Richard Nixon's five o'clock shadow.

Did George Washington have wooden dentures?

"Were-owl", as I have said elsewhere, especially the animation, is one of your greatest conceptions, and a key mark on the way to a new art, which may take some long years to unfold, but which in kernel is already present here.

Genius of the first water does not allow liking or not liking. It is on another level.

Thank you for posting it again here.

The mediocrities continue to stumble about.

All roads, in this corner of the medium at least, lead to "Were-owl".