Saturday, November 24, 2007

Creepy guy - you had her "ferret"

Miss?...May I have this dance??
Enh. Heh.. I've been SO lonely since my ferret died--
I break down sobbing when I smell traces of his
urine in the kitchen when I get up in the morning
--OHH--- how I long for a companion ..
do you have a boyfriend??--do you go online?--
I go online as Igor--The kids used to tease me and
Call me Igor..somehow most of them have left town
--or are buried under my guess-huh hah
..What?... you say you dont want to dance anyways
--ANYWAYS?? there's no "S"in anyways
--it's ANYWAY you idiot...
Alas, Now who will come over to my house and comb
my back??--what's this world coming to when everyone owns
SUV's and wont dance with an Ax Murderer?? --oh no!
--I said that out loud didn't I?
-oh well the music is noisy -maybe no one heard
--Oh I like that Joe Jackson hit--
"Is she really going out with him?"
--wait --maybe the DJ is making fun of ME...I'll kill him !!!


Eugene Costa said...

Ford Coppola does Bram Stoker does John Wayne Emo! Superb, vibrant color and composition--could easily be a portrait in Picasso's Greasepaint and Brylcreme period.

Hark! Forsooth and anon by my troth methinks on the morrow our Lord Marlboro smoketh in hard pack again, armored in cardboard to attack Philip Morris in Brittany, where particular people conjugate....Hiccup, Haeccup, Hoccup

Eugene Costa said...

As you likely know, a witty ne'er-do-well with brains, with the prefix "Fitz" in his name, having spent most of his young life drinking beer and getting in motorcycle accidents, became an "artist", and sold a portrait of John Wayne Gacy for big bucks.

He then started a whole series of mass murderers.

Gotta give the people what they don't want, and make them pay.

Bing Futch said...

So, I'm tilling the soon-to-be backyard corn patch in Orlando, Florida and, for probably no reason whatsoever, "Walter Wart" comes barging into my brain. Mind you, Walter hadn't visited since the 70's when he was a staple on the Dr. Demento Show on KMET 94.7 FM, but I had a cassette tape with Walter and he kept me company through high school until a succession of moves removed him (and the tape) from my possession.

How very odd to not only have him revisit, but I still remembered so much of it - had to know where he was today, how to find him - did a search and, well glory be - up pops you and your current nuttiness, which bookends things really nicely, I must say.

Glad to see you're still freaky and, much like Walter, funnily relevant.