Monday, August 13, 2007


Or was it SUCK-CESS ?? On the Canada wide show EXPOSURE on CBC TV Last night,my full video of The Blimp showed...the Host and Hostess "made faces" and said 'they didn't get it?'--well hell,nothing to get's a minimal style animation I did on the lunacy of wrestler rhetoric ! it was nearly all ad libbed and meant to just be a note to let me remember a brain bubble I had..

so far it has over 8000 views and a rating that usually has it in the the top 10 or so,plus or minus...good news...they gave ME Money !! so twice CBC has bought stuff from me--and twice they have snatched it gratis !

Remember, scroll below, to find out to have your very OWN Terrorist Donut...DVD !

And thanks to Tim Thomas of KNRY in Monterey,ca. for the great Thorndike Pickledish/Walter Wart/KMBY reunion he did on his show,last week !

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Eugene Costa said...

Another great one. 8000 more on the way, then the next order of magnitude, and the next one after that...usw.