Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Drum Roll Maestro please !!

Obama is the NEW President and yet, spell check doesn't recognize his name...yep, we spelled it right, when we notified our friends who don't watch TV

What joy !!

People stayed up all night, dancing in the streets!

In California, the hopeful were joined, sharing the same earring

Now, the question is...can OBAMA find OSAMA and end all the drama...


Eugene Costa said...

"Sharing the same earring"--Monsieur Robeau, no one does that type of getting to the heart of the matter more brilliantly or hilariously.

Has Colonel Oliver North got his teeth fixed yet?

You will recall he characterized Abu Nidal as "most dangerous man in the world".

Nidal died in Iraq. Saddam Hussein's interrogators came to the conclusion that he was an American agent.

One kids you not.

Ergo: have you noticed--"Nidal" is "Ladin" spelled backwards?

Think it through, Monsieur, the fellow, if he exists at all, is very likely marooned in the inaccessible mountains of Al Abama and still trying to collect his frequent flyer miles.

Thorndike Pickledish said...

Oh man !! You are so damn funny--and smart beyond compare--thank you for adding something that made the 'bit' work !!

Al Abama --haaa ha haa


BTW I had to use 'Obama find Osama' cuz Obama doesn't rhyme with that 'Nidal Sosoon' the fashion guy??

But Biden --is Bin Laden without the 'N+La' so funny what letters n' names can do...
or is it Organic chemisty..N+La= Sodium Louisiana...nah...


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