Sunday, June 1, 2008

'Ray for Rachael !!

The other day I was pondering the fact that my DVD "Terrorist Donut" wasn't selling like...donuts...and I thought, "Hey let me 'Google' it" see if anyone is finding the original plug--
And sure enough, there it was, the URL and a few notes on it's content...but the only OTHER thing listed was Rachael Ray's commercial for Dunkin donuts where they likened Ms. Ray’s scarf to the type typically worn by Muslim extremists. complaints said that the ads “casually promote the symbol of terrorism" and the intifada, the keffiyeh, via Rachael--well, hogwash, it was just all a misunderstanding --but Dunkin canceled that ad campaign rather than stir up any iced

So now, I can say I titled my dopey little video over this timely event!! and watch snails go thru the

oh well, at least NOW I have a good excuse for that goofy title ! However, I'm not taking any of my DVDs on my trip to Phoenix Friday...My luck, I'd be questioned just for having that WORD present in my luggage--ahh the joy of flight

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Eugene Costa said...

On of your most brilliant and ebullient from the getgo, Monsieur Robo, and an all time favorite.