Tuesday, May 27, 2008

"Mr Rescue Me"

Warning --this is 'normal' in content -
and there is, forgive me... "cuteness"

-56 secs with SOUND--


Ruth and Fred said...

omg that is SO CUTE!!!! And that's exactly what that little guy would sound like too! What a wonderfully thoughtful way to cheer her up, O Pickly One!

I heard on CBC that our brains automatically believe the sound is coming from what we perceive to be the thing that's talking. This is why ventriloquism works.

So people who want to use your VERY excellent idea but lack the cartooning skills can still succeed. Just take video of your hand holding an eaten half-grapefruit. Squeeze it to make it talk and there you have it! A couple of buttons for eyes, a cute voice, and your girlfriend will be instantly cheered and touched.

Eugene Costa said...

See, I just knew it was a skydiver, from the talking parachute in the background!

Clocks talk all the time, naturally, and sometimes in very alarming fashion. But they also talk with their hands.