Sunday, April 18, 2010

Absolutely !!!

The Latest "Thorndike" is a 52 second movie about the use of "Absolutely" in our daily conversations--as before, the CLIP is HERE-(altho Blogger provides no thumbnail )-just click on the the black box below .
(have sound on)


zaitsoff said...

the effect of meds really make the mind wonder and ponderwhat weare lacking or missing in life

Eugene Costa said...

Another first class excursion into grammatology, Monsieur.

Personally one recalls "For sure" coming out of California in the '60's, and about the same time "You betcha", which one later identified with Idaho (where it is also used as "You are welcome" and the Pacific Northwest).

Verily. Yes, indeed. Doubtless. Indubitably. Certainly. Absolutely.