Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Black Hole--err SQUARE --theater !!

Since BLOGGER can't seem to fix the screen area (used to contain a preview pic)

I've renamed my movies 'Black Hole theater' (yes-it's a square actually) so that it wont feel so weird clicking on an empty box--but click on the 47 second adventure below--it's as fresh as yesterday's headlines !!


Eugene Costa said...

The best of the age was naked broads serving pig's heads to unsuspecting booge at high society charity dinners. You couldn't tell from the looks which astounded them more, the naked antiwar broad (the real heroine of the times) or the pig's head (a casualty of war).

This is at least as good as the PETA synthetic hairball petard, specialty of a militant splinter group in rugged Upthewazoostan.

Compliments, Monsieur.


Black Square, that's a good one.